'I loved everything about the course, I just didn't want it to end, but it hasn't... it's just the start!'  - Heather

Welcome to Totems Awakening!

2019 Dates Coming Soon. 


If you love Animals and would like to find out how and why to connect with your very own Animal Totem Guides, whilst having fun and making new friends then I hope you will enjoy this Online Course I have created.

Following two magical years of my Awakening Courses, I am running a revamped, rebooted and re-energised Totems Awakening for 2018. It's going to be a powerful adventure and I would LOVE to have you join me and a group from all over the Globe.


'Thank you so much for this wonderful course! I REALLY got a lot out of the course. I had some experience previously, but this has really deepened my relationship with my Totem, and even more importantly provided me with the tools to continue this journey'  - Margarita 

About the Course: 

Total Totem Immersion ... ;)

Whether you are brand new to connecting with Totem/Power Animals or have been on this path for a while this course will have plenty for you! It is all about deepening our knowledge, healing and connection.

Each week we look at different aspects of Animal Spirit Guardians and Guides.

Over the 6 Weeks of Totems Awakening there will be 2 Email send outs per week. Each week you will receive:

*Copious Illustrated PDF Worksheets

* A Guided Meditation or Drum Journey MP3

* A Weekly Video  -  Covering the Week's Topics


There will also be craft projects and other activities to get involved with. A huge part of this course over the years has been the fun and active closed Facebook group for Totems Awakening, where we can share our ideas, experiences, findings, get to know each other and feel supported!



Our Totem Animals want to connect with us and help us on our paths to healing and empowerment.

 They are pecking on our shoulders and nuzzling our hands to awaken us heart, mind, body and soul!

When we deeply heal and step into our own power, our energy shifts rippling out through consciousness, creating change -  and the Animals really do need us to change how we, as a species view the planet. 


The course will include:  Looking at the Origins of Power Animals * What is a Power Animal? * The Medicine of the Animal Guides, Totems & Messengers * Shadow Totems * Meditations to Connect to the Animal Kingdom * Dreamwork * Animal Oracles and Messengers *Shamanic Journeying * Finding your Totem Tribe * Ceremony * Creative Totem Projects * How to work and heal with Power Animals * Nature Connection Work * Global Myths & Folklore * Creating Totem Tools * One to One support and more...



'Thank you so much for a lovely course I really enjoyed it. This was the first time I have done an online course so I wasn't sure what to expect. I found the group interacted so well and it felt really warm and friendly, which surprised me as being on a computer miles from who you are communicating with I didn't expect the family feel and the videos definitely come across as personal. The Facebook group has been a great success for me. So friendly and supportive, with people who have such different levels of experience, as someone new to Totem Animals I have found this particularly helpful and inspiring. ' - Tony

'Thank you for putting together this amazing course... I have thoroughly enjoyed it and I will continue to work and research with my animal totems and incorporate the energy into my everyday life' - Paula

'I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I cannot thank you enough for the course, you and the group were amazing and I loved it, it brightened up my days, reading, studying, journeying, meditating, drumming and dancing. Such a fantastic feeling it brought to me! I cannot express enough how I enjoyed the whole experience and journey!' - Heather

'Thank you so much for this wonderful course, which has certainly changed me in profound ways...' -  Antje  


 Six Week Course - Only £80!