Corporate Clients:                                                                                      Laura provides Tarot Reading, Dream Interpretation, Astrology for corporate parties, entertainment, and product launches of all sizes. Clients include:                    

* Wildlife Aid * Poo Na Na * Storm TM * Urban Caprice * Reuters * Mayor of Bromley *

And many more! 


Psychic Today/Psychic Interactive/Psychic TV - Sky Channel 886               December 2004 - Present

Laura has been a core member of the Psychic Today team since its early days. A host of experts from all fields of the psychic world answer viewer's questions in real time, live TV. This daily psychic show has proven a great success and has expanded from its original three and a half hour lunchtime slot to an almost 24 hour entertainment schedule. 

Witchcraft Diaries -  You Tube - 2009 - Present  

Laura's educational and entertaining You Tube channel is continually growing in content and audience. Topics covered include Power Animals, Paganism, Trees, Tarot and Interviews.

MTV2 - March 2009 

Laura Daligan and Inbaal talk about Wicca and Witchcraft for MTV's 'Gonzo' show, presented by Zane Lowe.

Current TV - May 2008

Emmy award winning channel, Current TV, interviewed Laura about Witchcraft at the Witchfest England event.

BBC One - Test the Nation - August 2007

Laura appeared in the Clairvoyant's team, and did a reading for Anne Robinson.

Channel 4 (Tiger Aspects) - Hardeep does...Religion, May 2005

Laura and Psychic superstar Inbaal feature in this balanced look at Wicca as a modern day religion. Filmed on Hampstead heath.

ITV (Granada) - The Grail Trail: In Pursuit of the Da Vinci Code, May 2005

A hugely popular documentary about the Da Vinci Code, three fans of the book seek to find the 'truth' about the da vinci code and Laura Daligan features, showing them what witches REALLY get up to. Features psychologist Dr Raj Persuad; Prof Ronald Hutton, Inbaal, Lynn Picknett, Charles Nicholl, Father John Wauck, Nigel Bryant.

Lounge Living - Sky Channel 172, February 2005

Laura was interviewed as the guest psychic on this day time tv show.

Sci-fi Channel - Sky TV, June 2004

Laura was interviewed about witchcraft and was filmed for several adverts for the Sci fi channel.


FAE Magazine 2009 - 2015                                                                                     Laura has written faerie articles, interviews and reviews for the beautiful FAE Magazine and is now a regular columnist.

The Magical Times 2010 - 2014                                                                             Laura has been a regular contributor to The Magical Times, and is the resident Witchy advisor!

Take a Break -  March 2013                                                                                     Laura and friends were interviewed and photographed for a beautiful and uplifting article in this weekly magazine.

Mermaids & Mythology Magazine  -  Summer 2011                                        Laura's Mermaid artwork is featured in this gorgeous magazine. 

Kindred Spirit Magazine -  July 2010                                                                    In this article on belly dance, spirituality and health, Laura gives her opinions on how belly dance has helped her spiritual and physical well being.

High Spirit Magazine - Oct/Nov 2009                                                     'Elemental Magic - Harnessing the Power of Nature to Enhance Your Life,' is Laura's in depth article about working with nature and the elements to bring harmony and empowerment in your life.

Chat Magazine - 2009/2010                                                                                   As of August 2009, Laura became the 'Love and Magic' expert in this very popular weekly. Her column 'Ask Laura' has already proven a great success!

War! Magazine - March 2009

Adventures in the Urban Arcane by Fayann Smith. Features Laura and Inbaal, talking about Urban Witchcraft.

The Spirit Guide to Spellcraft                                                                              The essential guide to Wicca and Witchcraft in the Southern Hemisphere featured Laura features as their regular 'London Witch' correspondent! 

Scarlet - November 2008                                                                                  Laura was guest artist of the month in this popular woman's magazine, also features a full page interview.

OK! - October 2008

Spirit and Destiny - October 2008                                                             Laura, Inbaal and Katie Robershaw star in a 6 page spread, called 'Modern Magic' in Britain's best selling spiritual magazine. Also features some of Laura's art.

Take 5 Magazine - February 2008                                                                  Star Lovers. Laura predicts the ups and downs of celebrity romances for the Valentine's edition of Take 5.

Bizarre Magazine - October 2006                                                                     Full length feature on Wicca with Laura Daligan, Inbaal and Katie Gerrard. Including full page spread of Laura (who was ill on the day!) looking every inch the sultry witch!

The Guardian - November 2006                                                                 Review of Psychic Interactive.

Most magazine articles can be seen in the Media Gallery.