Leaping on to the backs of Dragons

I know 2017 was a challenging year for a lot of us. It really was for me too. I felt that I got up and was knocked down so often it took all my energy to just keep going.

I realise people faced much harsher challenges than I did, and there were some very strong lessons to learn and some deep digging to do. Now I see that I was forced into stopping my relentless forwards motion, to go deep within and witness and heal some rather destructive repetitive beliefs and patterns, and the biggest lesson -  to remember to be kind and nourish myself -  always.

In Chinese Astrology last year (and this year until February 15th) we were in the year of the Fire Rooster. The Rooster is a totem of awakening, and in some ways it can be a rather rude awakening! 

The lessons of the past few years are going to be important tools for us moving forwards, as we rebirth - cleansed, determined, muddy and wild, fiery and unbroken.

For those who love Game of Thrones, Danerys had to go through the Fires of rebirth for her Dragon eggs to hatch!

So in the spirit of a Dragon-y rebirth, let us state our intentions with a brave spirit, lets us not hide behind fear, excuses, blocks and past failures. We owe it to ourselves to be all we truly can be, to tap into the infinite power of our spirit and explore our path and potential in this life.

So from someone who can sometimes let fear hold her down, I say no more! Let's feel the fear and leap... onto the back of passing Dragons...

And yes the Dragons will be passing by when you do, as they favour those with a courageous wild heart!

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