'If you need any help or guidance or even just an uplift, Laura will amaze you - She truly ROCKS' J. E Cartwright


Firstly I love my work! I love hanging out in trees drumming (see above), I love reading the tarot, I love getting to the heart of matters in peoples lives and I really enjoy sharing my experiences and passions when I teach.

I have been giving tarot readings for over a decade now and I still get excited by the magic and beauty I feel when working with the cards. In my experience a psychic reading can reveal the essence of a situation; allowing us to feel calmer, clearer and brighter.

When I say I am working psychically, I am unlikely to be reading your mind, or giving you the winning lottery numbers. The root of the word psychic means 'of the soul, the spirit and the mind', and it's with these sacred elements that I work with in a reading, and of the heart too -  because I'm a romantic like that!

What I've been up to over the years... 

I started out by giving readings on my little stall in Camden Market many moons ago, soon afterwards I became one of the founding members of Sky's Psychic TV (now Psychic Today) and have also appeared on the BBC, ITV, C4, MTV and the Sci-Fi Channel.

I have been lucky enough to work at some high profile, glamorous events over the years, but I am equally happy at home giving one-to-one private readings, or talking over Skype while cuddling the Cats!   

       I have written for various magazines, and have my own awesome YouTube channel, about spirituality and paganism, so please have a peek if that interests you.

As well as using the tarot, I incorporate astrology, power animals, crystals, meditations, colour therapy, dream interpretation and much more in my readings. 

It is a real honour to be able to share what I have experienced and learned over the years. I hold regular workshops, courses, events, retreats and some super popular and fun Online Courses

Art & Soul...

 I am also an Artist and Illustrator and am truly happiest with a paint brush in my hands, unless the painting is going wrong, then I throw a mini tantrum, make a cup of tea and start again! I paint totem animals, deities and much more. To view my magical art and visions please visit my art website... 


And if that wasn't enough...

* I dance with fire * Animals rule my world * I play guitar and write songs * I love Red Lipstick * Visiting sacred sites makes my soul sing* I'm a real Geek * I have Aries Sun, Cancer Rising and Aquarius Moon, I could tell you the rest but you might get bored! * I love going on Adventures * I've lived in some awesome places - Cornwall, London, and now Glastonbury * I love hugging Trees*