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The Heart of Avalon

In true Glastonbury style, the idea of Heart of Avalon Training was born whilst lying down in Chalice Well gardens. I was spending the afternoon with my gorgeous pal Tiffany, and we had been meditating, dreaming, envisioning and soaking up the magickal atmosphere of the Well. It was just before the Autumn Equinox and unseasonably hot, so I lay back under the September sun and watched the sky roll above. A Buzzard swooped down and caught my eye, and at that moment the words ‘The Heart of Avalon’ flew across my mind.

It was a ‘Yes’ moment in more ways than one; so simple yet so right -  a bit like me . Jokes aside, my ethics with all my work and life is that it comes from the heart, and I hope that this is evident in all I do, even the really silly stuff (especially the silly stuff!).  Of course living near the Avalon Marshes, there is the geographical relevance to the name, and after a year of living in Glastonbury, this name is also a commitment to the old magic of the land.

Over the past decade I’ve been honoured and excited to hold a wide variety of spiritual workshops, talks and retreats, from sharing my passion for the deep mysteries of the tarot, empowering through dance and fire dance, holding epic Goddess retreats, to the primal awesome of connecting with your power animals; I have been on a powerful journey of learning and teaching. I believe we are all students on a course of continual magickal, emotional and intellectual learning. In this light I’d love to create and hold this space - the Heart of Avalon to share and help in any way I can. The courses, retreats, workshops and of course readings will be for any stage of your journey, whether completely new to this work, or a long term seeker looking for extra depth, healing and support.

It is my hope that what I share will inspire and excite you as much as it has me over the years and that you will acquire new skills, deeper understanding, wider vision, and that you’ll have loads of fun as you spiral onwards.

Find out more about me and my work .

Journey to the Heart of Avalon

The April Fool

April Fool's day is known as a day of pranks, jokes and foolishness-  gently tricking people and not taking ourselves too seriously is something that is encouraged at this time. It's a day when we realise things may not be quite as they seem, therefore not to believe everything we are told (surely that is sound guidance for everyday!).

This year this has interested me in particular as I am in ponder mode, processing the ideas of the Fool in the Tarot (let's not think too hard-  very un -fool -ish!) the energy of Aries, the Spring, and also what makes us feel low and blocked in life, and how we can shift this burdened heavy thought.

April Fool's in itself is not a modern thing, the lords and ladies of misrule like to create havoc, and the Roman's had a previous festival called 'Hilaria' late in March at the Spring Equinox to honour the Earth Goddess Cybele. This festival was adapted from a similar Greek feast, which am sure the Greeks adopted from previous rites. 

The Greek feast was pre-cursored by a day of lamenting and tears, letting go of the past, releasing what no longer served them, perhaps saying farewell to the previous astrological year. At the Spring Equinox we move from Pisces, the last sign in the Zodiac, to Aries, the newborn child of the Zodiac. Pisces holds all the wisdom, journeying and experience of the 11 other signs, Pisces is beyond wise, psychic and deep. One fish pulls to the past, the other to the future, in the centre of this knowing Pisces experiences all. 

A deeply emotional sign, as Pisces comes to an end we can let go of our experiences, all that made us sad and all that made us joyful that is no more. 

Each moment comes to be blessed, experienced and let go - released, so that we are free to truly experience the next -  this is one beautiful teaching of the Fool.

As the equal day and equal night of the Vernal Equinox moves to longer brighter days, we see life blossoming and returning to the world, saps rise, life, love and laughter prevail and if we forget these things, well the Fool is here to blooming well remind us! 

Down the deep birthing canal of Pisces comes the Fool child of Aries, the divine nutter, the energetic force of nature, new born and fully alive. Aries thrives on new starts and fresh energy, it's the time of new buds and greenery, longer days and more energy. Darn I feel excited just writing this! This moment, this beauty is the beauty of the Fool, not beholden to the past nor projecting fears to the future, we create our future by experiencing the moment, *this* moment, breathe it feel it, allow it, don't analyse it... forget words just go with it...

The Fool card in the Rider Waite-Smith deck is alike to Luke Skywalker (oh you know I can get a zillion star wars references in here -  apart from Jar Jar Binks  -  he is *not* in the Tarot!!), walking off the edge of a cliff with a smile on his face and only a few basic possessions to his name (walking off cliff = skywalker). 
 But will he fall? Will he fly? Human's can't fly  -  can they? Well if he believes truly, with his whole being that this next step he will take will be not only safe, but magical, well -  who are we to tell him other wise? The yapping dog of doubt  (great line there...) will say 'hmmm I don't think you should do that....' but the fool can not be dissuaded, for better or worse he has no restrictions, no limiting beliefs to hold him back. He could be an innocent new soul, or a soul reborn and forged by the fires of transformation. He could have gone through the cycle of living, learning, loving, losing and dying a million times, but here he is heart shining, eyes bright and ready for his next adventure...

My favourite Fool is the Thoth Fool (pictured at the top)...

He is the child within and without, he is the initiator, the wild untamed energy of nature, he is peace and madness, the divine spark, excitement and pure energy... he just *is*... he says:

Go run in the fields and feel the pulse of life, say 'yessssssss' today to what makes your heart sing, and lovingly release those moments and expectations that cause you pain.

As I said earlier, I was pondering about blocks and sadness... the Fool can teach us much about these things, he can pull the carpet from under us and laugh, and we can sulk as much as we like, we may at one point have to admit it was quite funny, and we did need a change! 

If we truly embrace the moment, for all it's wild beauty, if we release our expectations just for a while, of ourselves and of other people, if we breathe in the air of change, watch a leaf turn greener, see a cat flop in the sun, listen to laughter, and the sound of an instrument being played (without wondering if we like the song or not), then surely we wont be prisoners to the past?

And if it sucks, if life is sucking most heinously at this time, that's OK too, cos that is what *is* and if we fight against it we are not only avoiding this moment, but we are probably making our lives much harder...

So behind the pranks of the today, remember to laugh at the silly, sweet, crazy beauty of life, feel the rhythm of the dance pulse through your heart and let this moment shine through on your lips <3
All hail the Fool!

Laura Daligan 1/04/2014

The Arcane to the Mundane and Back Again... Part One

'What lies behind us and what lies before us are small matters compared to what lies within us.'
Ralph Waldo Emerson

My journey with the tarot has been so rich and varied it feels to be a forever fascinating winding path through the forests of the psyche. 

I have had a 15 year love affair with the tarot, and to this day and probably for the rest of my days, it's mysteries open themselves up to me when I'm ready to witness them. Every day we wake up a beginner, exploring the world anew, with eyes wide open like the Fool card, leaping into the unknown.

The tarot has become such a part of my daily life that I often don't ponder why I read them any more. Which is partly why I am writing this blog, it's always good to check in and remind yourself why you do what you do, and if it's still valid for you. Have your motivations changed, what have you learned?

I can't explain exactly why I've always been drawn to the cards, I remember picking them up and playing with them from a young age, fascinated with their imagery. I remember being bought my first deck when I was 18, and thinking 'I'm never going to remember all of these cards...' - and now I breathe them in my sleep!

When I first started learning the cards, I had never had a reading, it was the images, mystery and symbolism that drew me in, more than the idea of asking questions. Of course life shifts and turns, I met some exceptionally talented people, namely Inbaal ( who began to show me what is possible to discover in a reading. I learned then it wasn't so much about inescapable destinies and facts set in stone, but more about understanding your self, your motivations, your skills, thoughts and loves. My love of tarot opened up doors to the rest of my many spiritual adventures I've had since. Tarot does open doors if you allow it, but more on that later.

A tarot reading can simultaneously tune into your soul's deepest longings whilst noting that the house you are thinking of buying might have a leaky pipe! As a professional tarot reader I think I've been asked every question under the sun, and perhaps a few that originated under far off suns. All this colourful experience has been amazing, people are fascinating and life is rarely dull.

It's these journeys from the arcane to the mundane and back again that make tarot so much fun.
The duality of mysticism and down to earth truths can help us understand our deep personal and spiritual journeys as well as shedding light upon the strong, painful, loving and sometimes silly things we do.

It is my belief that we have all the answers we need *here* within us. So if this is the case, why would we consult an oracle like the tarot? For me, each card is a gateway in to which we can enter if we choose, to gain a deeper understanding of our life's path.

Many people who I give readings to feel that the reading has resonated with something deep inside them, our inner knowing is very powerful if we listen to it. However this can be hard to access when we are surrounded by conflicting messages, are fearful about the future, or dwelling on the past. A reading on it's own probably wont change all these things, it never has been a one stop quick cure all, however as I mentioned, a reading can be doorway to access your own wisdom, allowing you to see what you can do, or not do about life's choices.

As the above quote states, we each have a complex world within us waiting to be discovered and explored, and for me a tarot reading is an empowering, insightful and fun way to begin...

If you are interested in learning more about the Tarot please check out my YouTube videos Tarot & Tea.
Laura Daligan 2014
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