Heart of Avalon Tarot Training

Join me on an adventure to the heart of the tarot…

Tarot has been an important part of my magical and daily life since I was a teenager and I have been working professionally and internationally as a tarot reader and teacher for over a decade. This course builds on previous courses I have taught over the years to create a thorough, magical and elemental tarot experience.

The mysterious journeys and practical guidance the tarot can offer are to my mind invaluable, but one of my favourite aspects of tarot is that it is a wonderful tool to discover more about ourselves and the world around us. The tarot is packed with symbolism and centuries of esoteric wisdom, allowing us to not only predict future events and likely outcomes but also to trace the pathways of our souls.

There is always more to learn, always a deeper meaning to explore, and that's one of the essences of the tarot which makes it so exciting.

The tarot consists of the 22 major arcana and 56 minor arcana, creating 78 cards for exploration and journeying. This may feel a little overwhelming at first; however within this course the suits and ideas are broken down into easy to work with, bite sized chunks, creating a workable, flexible system for personal growth and understanding.

Once comfortable with the basics of the tarot we take our wisdom deeper into the world of divination, learning methods, techniques, games, meditations, and different card spreads. Plenty of opportunities to practice are given, and we will cover the ethics of readings and how to ask the 'right' questions!

I believe tarot to be an immersive, magical and fun experience, so in this course we won't simply discuss the elements in the cards, we will work with them to create a fully comprehensive divination experience! And yes this will include gaining inspiration and clarity out in the fresh air, cleansing and healing with sacred water, awakening and transforming with fire, nurturing and manifesting with the earth, and connecting with our own spirit guides, all in the magical landscape of Avalon.

It is my hope and intention in this course to provide you with a thorough background of the cards, a clear workable system to comprehend and read the tarot, to empower and build confidence in your skills, to open to a wider world of magic, and to have lots of fun while learning…

And if that wasn't enough for you here are some more areas we will be covering:

* Astrology * Numerology * Colour Energies * the Elements of Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Spirit * Spiritual & Occult Wisdom* Myth * Magick * Spellcraft * the Fools Journey of the Major Arcana * Psychic Development *

Would love to learn more? Contact me at laura.daligan@gmail.com

Course dates for 2015:

Air & Fire - February 21st/22nd 

Water & Earth - May 9th/10th

The Deeper Journey - 4th/5th July

Price  for the full course: £400 - instalment plan available 


A deposit of £80 confirms your place 

In between weekends you will receive:

* 3 Skype Classes & Discussions

*Pre-Recorded Videos

   *MP3 Meditations & Journeys

*Online Support


After successful completion of the 3 weekends you will receive the Heart of Avalon Tarot Training Certification.

And there is more!

Advanced tarot course coming soon plus Online and Skype Versions of this course will be available in the New Year, including international Skype Classes for those in Australia, USA and beyond!

These non residential courses are held in the sacred landscape of Glastonbury.            A list of Hotels/B&B's and local info can be supplied on request.