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'One of my BEST Spiritual Journeys ever...' Betty, Germany 

Begins August 5th 2019


An invitation for you to join this 8 week path of the Goddess:

Each week you will receive a video in your inbox and weekly worksheets, there will also be mp3 meditations, craft projects, ceremony and more. One of the lovely things about this course is that you have the chance to connect and share with your fellow course members on our private facebook group. There is support every step of the way, and hopefully this will be a wild, empowering, nurturing and fun journey for you!



Here is a brief overview of the Goddess archetypes we will be working with within the course:  (I loved creating these illustrations -  they make me happy!) 

   Week One -  The Mother Goddess. In the beginning there was the Mother, the Earth, the Creatrix of all life, the Mother of our Mother of our Mothers. The first evidence of deity worship is of the primordial life giving Mother Goddess. So in Week One we are going to delve into the heart beat of the fertile Mother, searching for Her stories from all over the globe.

  Week Two -  The Maiden Goddess. We will connect with the shining innocence of the youthful Maiden and see how She brings us new hope, new life, optimism and inspiration. She is the Goddess of discovery, creativity and child like joy. We will look at myths and tales of the Maiden and how we can incorporate Her into our lives whatever our age.

 Week Three -  The Wild Goddess. This week we search the wilds for the Lady of Beasts, Lady of the Forests and the Goddess of our Wild Selves. At the heart of us all lies the Wild Goddess, and to remember Her is to be whole. This is a week for rambling in the forests, communing with the animals and returning to what makes our souls sing.

 Week Four -  The Love Goddess. Goddesses of love, passion, power and deep sensuality are who we will be spending week four with. Connecting with our heart chakras and our own sense of sensuality. We will explore how these Goddesses encourage us to love ourselves unconditionally, to love life and of course to love others with a greater, sense of understanding and connection.

  Week Five -  The Warrior Goddess. This week we move to the battle fields of mythology. To our ancestors, women could be fearsome warriors, sometimes even more so than men! Our journey will take us to the Celtic Warrior Goddesses, to the Valkyre, to the Amazonions and more. We will look at how these powerful Goddesses can inspire us to act with dignity and honour in any battles we may be facing. A week for inspiration and revolution ;).

 Week Six -  The Queen Goddess. Queens of Earth, Queens of Magic, Queens of the Heavens, Queens of the Otherworld...all of these will be looked into this week. By looking into the tales of the Goddesses who ruled we will work with our own sense of Sovereignty and what it means to be Sovereign in our own lives. A week of deep empowerment.

  Week Seven -  The Dark Goddess. In week seven we look at Goddesses of Shadow, of Night, of Death and of Healing: the much misunderstood Dark Goddess. She is not 'evil', She is the necessary resting night to the Soul's bright day. She is the one who holds us on our darkest nights. She removes pieces of our lives which are no longer needed and She is reflected in the parts of ourselves we hide from the world. She is the powerful Dark Goddess, without Her we could never be whole.

 Week Eight -  The Crone Goddess. The Crone invites us to sit around Her fire as we spiral into our last week of the course. All stories must end, but as the ancient and wise Crone knows, all endings are a new beginning. The Crone has been a most disrespected aspect of the Goddess and womanhood in recent years, however our ancestors sought Her wisdom, and healing powers. She holds the wisdom of the land in her bony hands. Her laughing eyes are full of knowing of love, of loss and of mystery.

The Journey begins on the 5th August 2019

The invitation is open... 

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The Price for all this magick is only £95!

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If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me at laura.daligan@gmail.com

There is no pressure to finish the course within the 8 Weeks, it is yours to work with in your own time.

'You are an absolute star Laura Daligan and an amazing teacher, because your passion is real!'  -  Heather 


Some feedback for Goddess Awakening: 

Thank you *so* much Laura - this course has really been so well thought out, beautifully presented and deeply thought provoking, much love and hugs! - Kylie


Thank you
An absolute precious piece of art you created.
Much love and thanks  -  Antonina


It has been amazing Laura Daligan so thank you so much for this wonderful course and group. I look forward to doing more courses with you and will be watching lots more of your videos!! Much love  -  Karen 

Thank you Laura Daligan for creating this wonderful course and I can't wait to visit the other goddesses and work with their energies! Lou

Laura Daligan's Goddess Awakenings course is a powerful journey of exploration of various Goddesses, with experiences designed to deepen your connection to divinity. Throughout the course my relationships with various Goddesses were strengthened and I felt empowered with the recognition of the divine within myself. The course is structured in such a way that you are able to interact with a very supportive and wonderful community of people and it contributes greatly to everyone's ability to learn and to enjoy. I've really grown as a result of this course and am so grateful to Laura for all the hard work she has put into this program. It truly is a gift! Margarita


No matter if it's your first dive into the Goddess realm or if you're a Priestess already, this course will bring transformation and a lot of joy. Just do it!!
Laura's online courses are just fantastic. Anna, Netherlands


It was fantastic and you can reuse the materials again and again, amazing meditations! xxx Rity, Wales

The Circle is Open & Unbroken...