Once you step upon the Dragon Path

Life will never be the same again...


Welcome to Dragons Awakening, an 8 Week fully interactive online course of myth, magic, and a huge dose of empowerment.

Over this multi media course you will be fully guided with weekly videos, meditations and colourful PDF worksheets, to connect deeply with the Dragon Realm.


Lessons Include:

 * A History of Dragons * Dragons of the World * 'Hows and Whys' of Connecting with the Dragon Realm * Dragon Guardians & Teachers * Elemental Dragons * Star Dragons * Dragon Magick & Healing * The Path of the Dragon Rider


How does Dragons Awakening Work?

Dragons Awakening is an online course which can be enjoyed wherever you are in the world. As long as you have internet access - we are good to go! 

Each week you will be sent a video lesson, an mp3 meditation, and in depth and rather gorgeous looking PDF worksheets.

The format for the course works like this - on a Monday you will receive an email with the video and worksheets, and on Thursday you will be sent your weekly meditation. 

We keep in touch every week with our private Facebook Group, this is a place to get to know your fellow course mates and  share your experiences. This year there will also be the opportunity for 'meeting' online with Live Broadcasts, so we can share questions and findings. 

You can work through this course in your own time, and all the course materials are yours to keep - forever! 

Ready to Go? 


Dragons Awakening could be for you if... 

* You are drawn to all things Dragon! * You would like to experience the power & honour of Dragon Connection  * You would love to meet your Dragon Guardian * You are new to Dragons &/or Magic & would like to learn in a safe, held space * You are ready to invite powerful shifts in to your life (Woohoo!) * You would like to expand your esoteric knowledge * You wish to know yourself better * You are an experienced Dragon friend & would like to dedicate time to immerse yourself in your connection & practice *You love Dragons & would just love to learn more!


 The most important thing is to approach this course and the Dragons with respect, an open heart and a spirit of adventure!

Book Now 

The journey begins on Monday 11th March 2019.

Pricing and Payment Plans 

Pricing for all of this - including 1 to 1 mentoring* is only £120!


You are also welcome to pay in 3 instalments of £40 ** 



Experience a free meditation to connect with your Dragon Guardians on my YouTube Channel:



 What people say about Laura's courses:


'Thanks for everything about this course, Laura - it's been really helpful and deeply meaningful in so many ways. ' Lu H, UK - Totems Awakening

'Thank you for all you've done for me by creating these courses. You've helped open up a part of my life that needed validation and opening. I am lucky' G. E , USA - Totems Awakening

'One of my BEST Spiritual Journeys ever...' Betty, Germany - Goddess Awakening

'Such an AMAZING course!' Tiffany, Sussex -  Faerie Awakening

'What a great course this was again; and what an amount of work you have done to pamper us with magick and beauty, the worksheets, the meditations,  your presence.' Anna, Netherlands -  Faerie Awakening

'Thank you Laura, I've enjoyed the course very much. So many things have changed for the better. Xxx' MG  -  Faerie Awakening

'I loved everything about the course, I just didn't want it to end, but it hasn't... it's just the start!' - Heather, Wales -  Totems Awakening

'Laura Daligan's Goddess Awakenings course is a powerful journey of exploration of various Goddesses, with experiences designed to deepen your connection to divinity. Throughout the course my relationships with various Goddesses were strengthened and I felt empowered with the recognition of the divine within myself. The course is structured in such a way that you are able to interact with a very supportive and wonderful community of people and it contributes greatly to everyone's ability to learn and to enjoy. I've really grown as a result of this course and am so grateful to Laura for all the hard work she has put into this program. It truly is a gift! ' Margarita, USA

'It was fantastic and you can reuse the materials again and again, amazing meditations!' xxx Rity, Wales -  Goddess Awakening 

'Thank you *so* much Laura - this course has really been so well thought out, beautifully presented and deeply thought provoking, much love and hugs!' Kylie, Australia -  Goddess Awakening

'Thank you so much for a lovely course I really enjoyed it. This was the first time I have done an online course so I wasn't sure what to expect. I found the group interacted so well and it felt really warm and friendly, which surprised me as being on a computer miles from who you are communicating with I didn't expect the family feel and the videos definitely come across as personal. The Facebook group has been a great success for me. So friendly and supportive, with people who have such different levels of experience, as someone new to Totem Animals I have found this particularly helpful and inspiring.  Tony, UK -  Totems Awakening

'Thank you so much for this wonderful course, which has certainly changed me in profound ways... Antje, Germany -  Totems Awakening

About Laura 

Laura is a passionate and compassionate international Artist, Mystic, Teacher,  Fire Dancer, Animal Cuddler, Author and Lover of all things Red. She adores sharing her courses and empowering others to live their wild and wonderful dreams. Find out more here.

Time to Fly! 


 Here Be Dragons!