Join us on our Quest in the time of Beltane Fires!

In this time of abundance, joy and sacred union, we embark on this magickal journey together. What an wonderful opportunity this is to celebrate Beltane in this place of wonder where the veils between the worlds are thinner!

We will immerse with the wild Faeries in various ways during our stay in St Nectans Glen's enchanting dreamscape. The highlight being a beautiful private access evening gathering and initiation in the Waterfall itself, and of course there will be meditation, ritual and drumming.

We will explore King Arthurs Legendary birthplace and the home of the enchantress / sorceress Morgaine whilst visiting the breathtaking Tintagel Castle, walking the grounds like they who came before us, and submerge in the darkness of Merlin's Cave, where it is said He still dwells; there we will connect with the Selkies and reclaim our Soulskin.

We will drum our hearts out, celebrate our inner fire and connect with the wise ancestors who have weaved their magic on this land for thousands of years.

Before we journey home, we will visit the Museum of Witch Craft in the beautiful village of Boscastle and finally we celebrate this mystical, magickal journey and Beltane once again ánd in style with the Faeries as we join the festivities of the Tintagel Faery Ball & Fairy Fayre in King Arthur Great Halls on Saturday 4th May 2019

Cornwall awaits us, are you in?

Laura ♥ Esther♥ Anna


♥ We start on Tuesday April 30 until May 5, 2019, when we travel home.

♥ There are only 8-9 spaces available.

♥ Price for this 6-day trip
1. Faerie Flavour £720 until October 1, 2018 – 3 instalments

2. Selkie Skin £740 until January 1, 2019 – 2 instalments

3.Tea Party £760 from Januariy1, 2019 - to be paid in full.

♥ Deposit is £ 200. Further details in the confirmation and invoice.

♥ What is included
# All entrance fees & Tintagel Faery Ball ticket

# Your stay at the retreat 

# Transfer to and from Bristol Airport if you take the same flight as Esther and Anna .
(If you are flying from the Netherlands)

# Breakfast on Wednesday May 1.
The other days we'll have breakfast in the Café or make your own in the retreat. There is a discount for our group in the Café and Shop.
The stay might be a bit more expensive but you get the wonderful opportunity to stay IN the Glen.

# Tickets you book yourself (if travelling from abroad) Anna is happy to help you and if you fly with us we can all drive to Cornwall together

# Workshops times also depend on the places we go. But there will be lunch breaks and we can paint a clearer picture of the schedule when we get closer to the trip

# We’ll visit places of power like the Glen and Tintagel, so some walking and hill climbing will be involved if you want to take part in all activities

# We speak English, Dutch and German/ we spreken Engels, Nederlands en Duits